Computer System and Networking

Research Topics

Computer Security

  • An Authentication and Authorization System for the Faculty of Science Management Information System
  • Implementation of an Approach to Intrusion Detection on Unix Hosts
  • Audit Trail Analysis Approach for Intrusion Detection Systems
  • Operating System Enhancement with Intrusion Detection and Prevention Functionality Based on NetBSD System
  • A Prototype of a Hybrid Intrusion Detection System based on System Calls Mining Technique

Network Management

  • Network Monitoring System based on IPv6
  • Network anomaly detection with packet analysis
  • A Network Management System for Computer Science Department
  • A Supporting System for Network Problem Report
  • Network Management Query Language (NMQL)

Internet Technology

  • An Efficiency Improvement Model of Web Caching with Web Log Mining: Case Study The PSU Campus Network

Log Analysis

  • Audit Log, Authentication, Retrieval and Identification System for Internet Cafe